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one of the posters for the show, more to follow on the Hull Print collective site.


It is always a busy time as November starts, this year especially as one of the Hull Printmaking Collective, Jean Edwards, has curated an exhibition for us at the Hull Central Library Cafe and the James Reckitt Gallery there.

I have been busy today putting some of their images into leaflets for the rest of the group. The imagery is so varied and subjects too, that from the vintage lambretta lino cut to the Flowers and Birds, there is something for everyone.

We are all excited about the event and have a stall at the craft fair that will give us an 'opening' time in the evening, I hope people can make it to see our work, I can't wait, especially as it is all being organised by Jean, and I just have to take part!

wonderful to be part of such an energetic group, as many of the others are involved and will be preparing this Friday, to open the exhibition fully next week.


and more numbers from a Chinese airport we went through.. easy to see and did alternate with English too.


Today I got the figures for the number of people who looked at the page on China, that Chrys did for me... and also the listening figures for the radio show that Phil White interviewed me on, on BBC Radio Humberside... Both were much higher than I ever imagined...

In fact, that is what is so amazing sometimes, that within 12 months something unexpected can happen and suddenly it has changed how people see what you are doing completely... just because they can hear you on the radio and see you on the internet. I was always a bit shy about being 'public' with my art. Well seems events have taken over and there I am, in interspace!

My name on the door in the International Artist's Village in Guanlan... I shortened it so that it was easier in mandarin.



It is amazing how vibrant the memories are still, when I see the pictures I took, the ones that I made.

This was taken one night on the way home to the house. A completely silent storm. On the video though is the sound of the wildlife, loud and raucous toads and cicadas....

When I find the video itself I will load it onto the site. until then this will give some feeling of the storm. 


I am really desperate to see the pieces... and will be dropping them off to the galleries that will show them for me this week!

SUNDAY IS WEB DAY - tomorrow....

I am having a bitmap day... sort of rich purple to match my mood. Having some time away from the college during half term gives me time to focus a little more on my own work. Since Friday evening I have been working on the websites and getting into the habit of a blog. 

It could become addictive to add to it on a regular basis... we will see what happens when the bustle of college necessities comes back into play in a few days.


here is one the posters I have put together for the Hull Printmaking Collective which we officially named this year, a group of artists that are all passionate about printmaking.

We have been considering exhibiting more, so one of the group, Jean Edwards has arranged this show for us.

I will be excited to show my work from China here, as well as pieces that have continued on from the inspiration and drawings there also,

exciting times ahead.



Girl thinking


It is now nearly two months since I left China and the work ethic and mutual respect ethos of the people I worked with at the base is still fresh in my memory. 

I am continuing to work on some of the images that were not complete as I left, and they are developing through print.

One of the drawings, completed in a very similar way to the one of the sleeping girl on the post before this, I have put onto a silkscreen as a photo stencil and printed it as a proof. I am still working on the image.

The effect of the silkscreen process is so different to that of litho or photo etching. I am pleased to have used similar originals through all three processes, as it shows how they change the image so completely. The most detail in litho, the sharpness of intaglio etching and the high contrast of silkscreen which is how the latest one has come out.

This one has such a minimalistic look, yet retains the character of the drawing. A real example of less is more (graphic design maxim that I often use).


I am finally at the point that I need to frame. Or rather I must get it done! Have taken prints in to sort them out and realised how lovely big prints take much bigger frames... anyway they are ordered now so I need to wait and see how they look, I am really excited to have them back to take for exhibition in various places..

Wednesday is Print Day

image drawn from photographs taken by me last year.


Here I am continuing to work on the imagery I started in China. I am focussing on the head 'drawing' and will test it on a silkscreen, using a photo stencil, over openscreenprints to see how it works, before I continue. 

It's important that I make that continuous progrees now I hae returned, that was so intense in Guanlan. I know I can do it, just have to be disciplined!

at the end of the China experience....

signing my editions in China with my engraved seal

this was the last weekend's work and all my work was stamped with the seal that Nate engraved for me with a translation of my name, that identified all the work I completed here. I will also use it when I finish the pieces I started in Guanlan in China.

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